Will all the work be done at once?
No. We are planning on a phased rollout of the project over a period of time. In fact, the first phase has already taken place through our initial $40 million investment in the property that has elevated the mall to Class-A status and set the stage for a top-tier redevelopment of the remaining Baldwin Hills Crenshaw property.

What will happen to Post and Beam and other restaurants on the perimeter of the mall property with this new project?
We have assembled a top-tier collection of restaurants and retailers at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, and our goal is to retain and relocate all of those businesses in buildings affected by the redevelopment. Post and Beam will likely be moved to a new location within the proposed Retail Village at the corner of Stocker Street and Crenshaw Boulevard. More details about those relocations will be available in the coming months.

Will the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA) continue to be located at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw?
Yes. We are planning to move DADA to a new, larger facility within the Retail Village. Our vision is for that facility to have a fitness center on the ground floor, with the Academy above, just north of the existing Macy’s department store.

Will the retailers and restaurants relocating on site need to shut down during the redevelopment?
Our goal is to time our construction and these moves so that there is a seamless transition from old facilities to new. Ideally, the relocating businesses will not need to shut their doors for a significant amount of time as they move their operations.

What are you doing to inform the community about the project?
Baldwin Hills Crenshaw has built a reputation as a great neighbor in the Crenshaw community. We plan to be very transparent through the approval process, and will be conducting extensive community outreach to work with local homeowners, businesses, and community stakeholders to ensure that Baldwin Hills Crenshaw undergoes the best transformation possible. Please come to our information booth at Center Court within the mall to learn more about the project.

What steps are you taking to be environmentally responsible?
Sustainability is of critical importance to the overall design philosophy of the transforming Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plan. We envision a healthy, “green” community that adheres to high environmental standards and creates a walkable environment with connections to public transportation. An extensive collection of open spaces will link all areas of the transformation and encourage visitors to get out of their cars.

How are you managing parking?
Our plan more than doubles current parking capacity by adding 3,675 new commercial and residential parking spaces north and south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and will include infrastructure for public transit. We are also accommodating a subway stop for the Crenshaw Line light rail.